• Welcome to the Free Zone

    Flight KL-234 touches down on the long, black strip of asphalt. Your destination is located a two hours flight from Internet City, 6 hours from another Aerotropolis. Sunflares and skyscrapers, an architecture imposed by import and export taxes, hidden global infrastructure. Welcome to the Free Zone.

    To enter the global marketplace, special economic zones (sez) are constructed which offer tax incentives to encourage businesses to set up in the zone. Less strict policies concerning taxation, customs, quotas and labour regulations attract businesses from all over the world. The Free Zone is an oasis for large scale multinational companies, directed by (inter)national (non)governmental players. The guide ‘Welcome to The Free Zone’ consists of eight different steps of setting up a Free Zone. Rather than a blueprint it deconstructs the different elements forming the Free Zone.

    More pictures coming soon