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  • Metabolic Patience: Cotton

    Metabolic Patience is a discussion toolkit addressing the relations and impacts of the Global Material Flow in form of a public game. The ordinary rules of the Patience/Solitaire game are adapted and transformed, illustrating the story of differently emerging and influential material life-cycles. A specific focus on cotton is used as a simplifying lens to understand the global perspective of metabolism. In context of the public installation the audience collectively takes over the role of the global market force, creating a discussion platform where a critical view on the current situation can be discussed. Exhibited in De Ceuvel, Amsterdam together with Metabolic Amsterdam.
  • Welcome to the Free Zone

    Flight KL-234 touches down on the long, black strip of asphalt. Your destination is located a two hours flight from Internet City, 6 hours from another Aerotropolis. Sunflares and skyscrapers, an architecture imposed by import and export taxes, hidden global infrastructure. Welcome to the Free Zone.

    To enter the global marketplace, special economic zones (sez) are constructed which offer tax incentives to encourage businesses to set up in the zone. Less strict policies concerning taxation, customs, quotas and labour regulations attract businesses from all over the world. The Free Zone is an oasis for large scale multinational companies, directed by (inter)national (non)governmental players. The guide ‘Welcome to The Free Zone’ consists of eight different steps of setting up a Free Zone. Rather than a blueprint it deconstructs the different elements forming the Free Zone.

    More pictures coming soon
  • Identity Minor Quality Management Windesheim

    With 20.300 students, thousands of other study participants and more than 1.800 members of staff at sites in Zwolle and Almere, Windesheim is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. With their new Minor Quality Management they wanted a new approach to setting up a minor. The minor connects businesses, experts from the field and students in different formats: classes, lectures and projects in collaboration with companies focused on aspects of Quality Management. They asked me to work with them to provide a fresh and recognisable logo for the minor, as well as presentations and other objects to necessary to stand out as a new and fresh minor.
  • The Digital Aura – Thesis

    The Digital Aura New technologies provide opportunities to create identical reproductions of works of art. This started with photography and increased immensely with the emergence of the Internet. This thesis explores the value of art on the internet through the concept of Aura (the unique presence of a work in time, space and location) by Walter Benjamin, searching for a digital aura. The thesis is presented as a digital platform in which every word is linked to a video on Shutterstock, a stock video website. By clicking individual words the most relevant video will be shown, creating a unique narrative on its own.
  • Beijing Design Week – PTCD

    Public Toilet Cleaning Disco Beijings’ hutongs have disappeared and the remaining ones are rapidly transforming into areas of recreation and consumption according to western standards. Armed with mops, lasers and disco balls the mobile Public Toilet Cleaning Disco sets out to take a stand; with the help of locals, they will clean hutong toilets in the areas around Dashilar, turning them into public discos. By offering a playful alternative on the use of public space, the PTCD team aims to provoke debate about urban transformation and gentrification, and the role of the designer in these processes. PERFORMANCE, SEPTEMBER, 2014 BEIJING DESIGN WEEK
  • Toward[s] an [new] Architecture

    work in progress

    In this project I recreated the book of Le Corbusier ‘Vers une Architecture’ using Internet sources. I found out there is a huge difference in the two translations of ‘Vers une Architecture’. The first edition, ‘Towards a new architecture’ is roughly translated, translating a more poetic translation. The original, Vers une Architecture is also very poetic. In the second edition, ‘Toward an Architecture’ the poetic component is left behind, translating a more precise edition. I find it fascinating how the same source material can result in completely different translations. I've visualised this by putting two different translations on the same spread, immediately showing what is different and what stays the same.
  • Tagged by the NSA

    This work shows the difference in tag words which are sensitive, based on a leaked list from the NSA. The NSA monitors these words online, and searching for these words without wrong intentions still can make you look like a criminal. We translated this into a room and used it as a metaphor to show ignorance. With the Aurasma app you can scan the objects in the room. When you scan the object, the 'NSA-danger' of the tagword is revealed as you can see in the movie here. It shows how just a room could be dangerous in the eyes of the NSA.

    Collaboration: Lisan Dierkx

    Watch: Tagged by the NSA  
  • Fahrenheit 451 Poster

    This project was inspired by the movie adaptation of the dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (1952). The novel presents a future society where books are outlawed and the task of 'firemen' is to burn any books which are found. The book burning can be interpreted as getting rid of dissenting ideas. Meanwhile, society is bound to their 'flat screens', watching 24/7 tv channels made to be enjoyed and not to aspire critical ideas. In these posters the 'no signal' visual is shown. People are afraid of books, afraid of having no connection with their tv, afraid of critical thinking.
  • The Evolution of Type

    The Evolution of Type is a project in which the text 'The Evolution of Type' by Nick Shinn played an important role. In this text Shinn explores the differences between type now and before the digitalisation of type. This project is a redesign of his text. A pen plotter was used to write the typography on the inserted pages, exploring the relation between digital type and hand lettering.